Grass looks greener on the other side

Did you ever wake up and wish you could start your life again somewhere else? Well, I do almost everyday. It’s not that I’m not happy here. I have an amazing boyfriend, friends and job but still, sometimes I have the impression that something is missing in my life. I know it would probably be the same if I was living somewhere else with other friends and the same kind of job. So… I came to the conclusion that what’s missing is the challenge. As I was walking alone in Toronto this week, I thought about how different my life would be here and not in Montreal. Of course, I know the city, I have friends there and my job can be done everywhere as long as I have access to internet and my laptop. So, what am I waiting for? Would it be different or after a couple of months I would want to come back here? Yes, the grass looks greener on the other side and maybe I would never know how different it would be because I don’t have the guts to do it anyway…


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